We have passed through an era in which the capital, land, natural resources and labor forces were the causes of domination of one nation over the others. Nowadays we have come to the information era in which the development of some new concepts such as the information, knowledge, training, etc. are the main tool of the domination of one nation, because such concepts define the development or underdevelopment of the countries. This is why some nations have placed in critical position, especially in the competition between the developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. In such a situation, the underdeveloped countries have found new opportunities to bridge their gaps and reach the developed industrial countries. But if they neglect or underestimate such opportunities, they not only fail to shorten their distance to the developed countries, but they will be pushed backward more and more.
Accordingly, it is crucially important to understand and identify the necessities and prerequisites that are needed for the successful presence in such a rapid passing era. A review of the theoretical foundations and the experiences of the leading countries show that the information technology is the inevitable prerequisite for the growth in such a period. Today the information technology is no longer a goal but it is a necessary tool for economic, social, political and technological development. In this regard, with the aim of shortening the distances between Iran and developed countries, a group of the managers and experts established a company named the Aima Electronic Development Consultants (MEGA is an abbreviation for the Persian name of Moshaverin Gostaresh Electronic Aima) whose mission is to help the Iranian companies and organizations grow in exploiting the information technology. Fruitful experiences in implementing different projects have enabled MEGA in diverse professional fields. On the other hand, MEGA’s structure and its capability in using the potentials of the shareholders and partner companies has facilitated the employment of needed experts for operationalizing different IT projects.

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