the customers have different needs, as their resources and strategies are different. accordingly, they need customized and dedicated softwares in order to resolve their problems and increase their efficiency and productivity. The software production department of MEGA possesses several experienced and professional experts in systems analysis, designing, programming and implementing different types of softwares; and thus it can offer services in the field of producing customized softwares and software projects of the organizations and companies, and/or developing their current systems.
The engineers and experts of MEGA company always attempt to update their technical knowledge and to use the newest and most efficient programing tools of the world in order to produce competitive products with very high quality based on the global standards. Technological understanding along with creativty and innovation has enabled us to offer modern sollutions for meeing the needs of our customers.
Customers customized softwares mainly attract those organizations and companies while desired processes cannot be implemented by the software packages or there is no ready-to-use software for the implementation of those processes in the market.
In order to implement such softwares it is necessary to conduct preliminary activities such as the feasibility study to choose the most suitable methodology for the project; and then to choose the best technology and implementation method. in such projects, the documentation and time and resources management is formulated very carefully and the procedure of the project is coordinated with the customer.
After passing such procedure and finalizing the software, the user manual documents are presented to the customer, the customized software is delivered and installed, the customer is trained, and the support period of the software begins.

    The production of any customized software has its own specific steps. Apart from the different steps and phases of generating a software that requires the needed knowledge and proficiency (and of course there are several methods for such a work and the increasing developments in the area), the production of any customized software has its own specific steps as follow:
  • • Software analysis
  • The first activity in producing any dedicated customized software is to analyze the customers’ needs. Other steps such as suggesting the available technologies, justifying the progress of the project, explaining the procedure of the software to the customer, etc. are all being done after the software analysis.
  • • Software design
  • Producing a model for a customized software prior to its implementation is the same as drawing a map for a building before its construction. In many engineering fields, we have to describe the products before being produced. The field of software development is not an exception. Desgining a software leads to a good vision on the different aspects of the architecture of cstomized software.
  • • Software implementation
  • implementation is a part of the software production process in which the customized software of the project is being coded and programmed. Indeed the production of the software is being done in this step of the project.
  • • Software testing
  • An important part of the project is to test the software during the implementation of the software projects. In all methodologies of the software production that is known as the software cycle (including RUP cycle, etc.) there are some well-formulated methods for the final testing of the software. the accuracy and percision of the activities of software testing dirrectly affects the quality of the results of the projects. Thus the proper planning and conducting the software test can play a crucial role in the success or failure of the software projects.
  • • Software establishment and development
  • After the preliminary test of the software, the establishment and delivering the system will take place at the final workplace. This step mainly focuses on the guaranteeing the software for the final users of the software. in this poing of the software life-cycle, we focus on the users’ feedbacks for adjusting the product precisely, software configuration, installation and explaining the key points about the application of the system. By accomplishing this step, all objectives of the project has to be fulfilled and the project has to be in a position to be finished.
  • • Support
  • Software is dynamic by nature; so the it needs more things to do even after the establishment and delivering the project to the customer. Software upgrade and updating it with new versions and more capabilities to meet the new needs of the users, solving the probable bugs and errors of the current system, continious trainings for the system users and the new users are among the main important objectives of the support phase of the project. The spent time and energy of R&D team for developing a software is not importan because if the final user is not sattisfied with the performance of the software, the life-cycle of the software is over; and the software will not have the desirable efficienct in practice.

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