The main purpose of this contract is to support the Iranian Organization of Industrial Development in implementing the IT plans of the Ministry of Industries and Business. The fulfillment of the e-government requires several technical and non-technical prerequisites. Apart from the telecommunication infrastructures and internet-connected networks in the ministries, public offices and affiliated organizations of the government, it is necessary to produce and supply the applied softwares, to consider the information security issues, to promote the IT knowledge among the employees on one hand, and to motivate the citizens and promote their knowledge on the other hand. According to the concept of the e-government we have to convert and upgrade the web-based informational systems to completely new applications that are conversational web-based programs. Besides, the citizens have to have easy and economic access to the high-speed internet in their homes and in the public spaces. Moreover, the citizens must have an acceptable and updated IT knowledge. In this regard, the websites of the e-government have to be promoted and the culture of using such websites for doing administrative affairs has to be improved. All above, the information security of such systems is a key point in all layers and sections of the relevant portals and websites.
The fulfillment of the e-government in the mentioned ministry was predicted in the following activities:

     • IT Management and counseling services
     • Conducting basic researches and professional studies
     • Organizing and improving the internal automation of the ministry
     • Mechanizing the main traditional systems of the ministry and creating relevant websites

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