Iranian Automotive Portal is a professional portal aiming to cover all information and business activities in the area of cars and related accessories based on the most updated global standards and Iranian laws. This portal is the first Iranian comprehensive professional portal for cars in Iran.
The Iranian Automobile Exchange Market has established in the e-commerce center of Iran for developing the services on the professional relevant areas based on B2B, B2C and C2C models.
This portal is an online center for meeting the needs of the users for selling and buying the cars, accessories, spare parts, and related services such as the insurance, leasing, etc. In this website, the users can read information about the cars on professional and general levels.
Among the main parts of the website we can refer to the followings:

     • Needed facilities for attracting the manufacturers and importers of cars and related accessories
     • Needed tools for enrolling the online orders
     • A suitable ground for sales and after-sales services
     • Needed settings for supplying and demanding both new and used cars along with showing the technical and general specifications of the cars
     • Introducing the sales centers such as the exhibits, resellers, agencies, etc. along with the capability of online ordering and delivering
     • Creating dedicated websites for the resellers along with the needed tools for updating the information of such websites
     • Presenting the needed information about the cars, after-sale services, rules and regulations, standards, leasing conditions, leasing companies, insurances, insurance companies, etc.

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