The designed internet sales system for the products of Negin khodro Company includes the preparation and operationalization of an online space through which Negin khodro can present its product for selling independently and/or through its resellers by online registration and selling.
In this system, the customers can do all steps online from the registration for the product to the payment. In this process, we have paid attention to the methods and conditions of selling (including cash sales, advanced sales) while in future, we will design other methods in the system, such as the multi-steps sale, sales with optional items, and sales by choosing the payment method, etc.

This system is composed of Two main components:
     • Customers-related component
     • Negin Khodro’s Central sales management component

The car’s portal has been designed in a way that all clients and visitors are considered as the potential customers and so they can order their desirable car by passing the order registration and checkout steps. The condition for reviewing the clients’ and logging in the system is the payment of the costs of ordered car. Indeed the clients will be customers after the online payment. If so, they can log in the system.
Finally, in the section of the central sales management of Negin Khodro, the company specifies its schedule for conditional or exceptional sales in specific time periods. For any conditional sales, the type of the offered cars, their model, available amount of each color, the price and the sales conditions will be defined for the system. The system will act on the basis of this schedule for ordering the car at the time of the registration. Needless to say, the availability of each model and color will be controlled and managed by the system automatically.
Moreover, all financial transactions of the system are guaranteed by the contracted bank(s) of Negin Khodro as specified on the system.

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