The business environment is always changing. Some fundamental challenges such as the globalization, global business competitions, rapid reactions to the environmental changes, the appearance of digital workplaces, the diversity of the labor force, etc. have motivated the companies to review and reengineer their organizational structure and internal processes. One of the new approaches to preserve and develop the market is e-commerce.

The report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) estimated that the annual growth rate of the e-commerce in developing countries for 5 consecutive years will be equal to 69%. In such countries, the insurance industry (like other ecommerce industries) has had a considerable growth. According to the published reports and statistics, approximately $ 25 billion of the total insurance sales worldwide will be done through the electronic insurance.

On the other hand, in Iran, the basic directions of the government and the official relevant policies on the electronic insurance imply the strong determination of the country to fulfill the electronic insurance.
Based on the created infrastructure of the Iranian Automotive Portal, MEGA managed to start selling the electronic insurance in cooperation with one of its shareholders, i.e. Ehsan Development Research Institute and began to sell the vehicle insurance of Parsian Insurance Co. through the internet. The main objective of this project was to design and create the internet sales system of the third parties insurance and car body insurance. In this system, the applicants can order or extend their insurance certificates without any need to attend in any of Parsian insurance offices or resellers.
The first step of this project was to run the internet sales system of the Amendment for Increase the Insurance Obligations of the Third Parties. This system was launched in 2012. Then at the same year, the process of extending the third parties insurance certificate was launched in this company. Moreover, we managed to introduce systems for extending the third parties insurance certificates that were issued by other companies as well. Despite the lack of any advertisements and commercials for this system, Parsian Insurance Company has managed to sell more than $ 6 million internet insurance certificates during the past two years.

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